PhD Coaching Session

This year ICWE is also hosting a special coaching session for PhD students and researchers in general as part of its programme. This session has a precedent in ICSOC 2022 (International Conference on Software Engineering) conference where it was very well received by the audience being attended by both young and senior researchers. The session, which will be held  during the afternoon of Tuesday 6 June, is especially designed for:

  • Ph.D. Students providing insights and recommendations for the rest of their thesis work as well as on how to conduct a successful and fulfilling PhD journey.
  • Post-doctoral and young researchers (e.g., Assistant Professors)initiating their academic lifes (“after thesis”) providing insights on developing their career, sustaining a fulfilling scientific career and avoiding burn-out along the way as well as strategic insights for the whole journey on how to conduct research and build research teams.

Coaching session will be given by Prof. Schahram Dustdar and Prof. Martin Gaedke.

Please, if you are planning to attend the session and only in order to have a forecast of the number of attendees and to be able to contact you in case of any change in the scheduling, please leave your email and name in the following Google form

Prof. Schahram Dustdar
Martin Gaedke.
Prof. Martin Gaedke